Our Philosophy

We begin by providing you with an account in our Learn Center. We Mentor you toward learning the best practices and making the best use of your Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service. We assess your real-time learning needs and real-time action items so that you prevent and solve issues and ideas NOW, by simply asking…

What do you want to achieve?

Together we can enable you to build, remodel, manage, and enhance your LearnCenter. What you want to achieve is a moving target by task, by role, and by the business environment that you support. This is why we provide several levels of membership engagement – Utilization, Optimization & Adoption – and create a predictable learning environment at an affordable investment. We answer to continuous education, discovery, and value in your existing cloud software.

  • Return on Expectations

    Asking what you want and measuring if we helped you achieve it with reusable and deliverable results

  • Experience

    We use our 17 years and industry experience to mentor and coach you and your team.

  • Value

    Subscription pricing and social learning adds value, while providing you with accessible training at a predicable cost of ownership.

  • Synergy

    Your mentor is a guide, and contributes to your success by providing a regular regimen of coaching, learning and expertise with your Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service.

Meet Your Mentor

Your MentorCharles Zimmerman founded MyLearn.me in 2012 after working internally for Oracle University as the Senior Training Consultant and instructor.  He served this post as internal expert for over six years and trained thousands of Oracle Taleo Cloud Services customers and internal staff with a focus on Talent, Training, and Human Resource Management.

It all begins with a simple question: ‘What do you want to achieve?’ Once I know where you want to go, I enjoy sharing in every step of the journey with people. I get to say, ‘You can do that,’ and that is why I love what I do!

Charles Zimmerman
Your MyLearn.me Mentor

Nearly a decade ago, when the product was known as “Learn.com”, he completed an MA in Human Resource Management while completing his own implementation of “Learn.com”.  His industry background and specializations are in the manufacturing and healthcare industries when the product was branded as Learn.com. He has continued to make his name known with a contagious passion for customer success. Learn more and connect on LinkedIn.

Support tickets are helpful, but how do you validate that you are struggling in a feature set that you need?  How will you use the feature once you discover how it operates?  Is there anything else that you might be missing, or needed for your industry? Do you want to make your user adoption experience more fun, less taxing, and more sustainable?  You have questions, or you will, and we have answers, ideas, strategies, best practices, and we care about making you a success!