What is the Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service™?

(formally known as Learn.com)

Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service is a leading provider of Learning and Performance based products, often referred to as an LMS, or Learning Management System. Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service originated from a product and company known as “Learn.com”. Learn.com was then acquired by Taleo, and Taleo was then acquired by Oracle in 2012.

Oracle provides leading sales and services & support. Once you have completed Oracle’s education offerings, you will soon discover that education and user adoption of cloud services is not a class or a series of classes. It is not a book, a manual, a guide, or a job aide. It is an active relationship with someone who has been there, listens, and understands what you want to achieve. A mentor can alleviate the growing pains and friction that will accumulate as you own it.

Who can benefit from MyLearn.me services?

MyLearn.me exclusively supports Oracle Taleo Services customers for Utilization and Optimization services. Adoption services are available for other Oracle Taleo Services. Contact us for more information on seamlessly working with MyLearn.me and our exclusive alliance partners to be your complete solution.

Training & Systems Administrators
Content Creators
Report Writers & Quality Assurance Teams
Instructors, Trainers, & Communications Teams
Human Resources Administrators

What do I get during the trial period?

The trial offers 3 months of Optimization level of membership. During your trial you can access recorded episodes that you attend for both Utilization and Optimization. Subscribing members have access to the full calendar of events, PLUS recorded episodes of past events, even if you couldn’t make it for the live day and time.

How much does it cost? How and when do I pay?

Thanks, but not yet. You may drop-in for a single, no obligation event, and pay now with a credit card via PayPal for $150 per person.
Otherwise start your trial today and manage your subscription account from our members only area, secured by the trusted Intuit Payment Network.
Annual subscription payments paid in full within 30 days of invoice date to qualify for a 20% savings from the month-to-month subscription pricing plan.

Three simple payment options:

Pay-per-session with Pay Pal via Events pages only

Pay-as-you-go subscription by Month or Quarter via Invoicing

Pay for the year via Invoice (20% discount for year paid)

What is the refund policy?

After the trial subscription completes, your month-to-month billed subscription begins automatically and you can cancel anytime at NO extra cost. If you cancel your account you will not be charged again, but you are responsible for charges already incurred up until your cancellation. Refunds will not be issued under any conditions. We do not prorate for partial months, and there are no refunds for members who received the 20% discount for annual subscriptions paid in full for the year.

Do I have to sign a contract?

NO. You simply join opportunities for Utilization and Optimization events. MyLearn.me is a drop-in or subscription service. There are no other long-term contracts or commitments.
The responsibility to cancel lies with you, which you can do at any time by going to the members area.

What is MyLearn.me?

MyLearn.me is all about YOU. It is a living learning ecosystem. It is also a library of engaging episodes to support offline learning, discovery, and results.

MyLearn.me is a lot like a membership to a gym or workout studio for the health of your cloud service LMS. You do not plan to go one time because you know that your wellness, much like learning, is an ongoing and insatiable need that is beyond Ghent charts and outlines. Start by joining any social learning, Utilization event, to start enhancing your daily routine, or join an Optimization event to focus on specific areas. Much like a gym, we offer value added and more personalized and complete Adoption services that are dedicated to the wellness of your organization.

Together, we will manifest unmistakable value in your expectations of the Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service. Browse our Services, and then tell us About You to begin a journey that will redefine the way you learn, respond, and succeed with greater efficiency. Change happens. Stay ready!

Why “subscribe” to training, support, & consulting?

Let’s face it. Things change. Questions change, and so do the answers. Business results depends on fluidity, flexibility, and the only rule is that everything changes. You are expected to be able to keep up with the pace. Utilization is an ongoing, continuous series of learning and discovery opportunities that are presented in social live online virtual environments. Subscription members may attend up to seven 90 minute experiences a month, where synergistic community members and your MyLearn.me Mentor will energize and empower you to learn, discover, and get unstuck.

What if I am unable to join an event?

No problem. No cancellation needed, no sign up deadlines, or no-show penalties, and Annual Optimization subscribers have access to:

√ Recorded Utilization Events for anytime, anywhere, any device playback
√ Library of past Optimization topics for offline learning on your schedule and pace
√ Custom offline social spaces for every event to contribute and continue the conversation
√ Review the calendar for the next live event and keeping the momentum!

Are there price breaks?

Yes. Companies with up to 7 administrators benefit from Shared Licensing, which dramatically reduces costs, and you will receive a 20% discount if paid in full within the first 30 days of starting your trial.
Subscriptions are by organization or company. This means that if you want Bob, Jim, and Sally to sign in, you need 3 user licenses, and room for 4 more administrators as a subscriber! Since you have Shared Licensing, you can swap or change out the names of your 7 administrators at NO EXTRA COST.

All standard package pricing comes with 3 named administrators under a Shared License. We have packages for up 7 named administrators. We want to get to know you and we want to know each person who wants to be a part of what we are achieving. There is no need to share accounts. The pricing for a single session drop-in is per named user and may be found only by registering directly from a specific event or the calendar.

Will there be extra charges that apply?

The most common concern with consulting is the unanticipated expenses that follow from “change orders”, and “re-scoping” of expectations. MyLearn.me is built under a model to make things easy and anticipated for your budget. However, it is natural to reach a point in any Adoption of cloud services, that MyLearn.me may suggest working with one of our pre-screened alliance partners to address project management, remote services, and training and support with other Oracle Taleo products.

In the case of 3rd party alliance partner outsourcing, the MyLearn.me alliance partner has an established relationship of trust, pre-negotiated, and discounted pricing, which will save you time, money, and confusion about who is doing what with you. You can use MyLearn.me to centralize all of your Oracle Taleo Cloud services directly from your MyLearn.me account.